Earlier, I posted a video about Prop 8.

First off, Prop 8 is bullshit. It’s just another way for people to discriminate against those that are different than them. I guess in my eyes, being different is what makes us all so special. If everyone was the same and made the same choices in life, well, it would be pretty boring.

Anyway, it’s bad enough that Prop 8 passed. But now, there’s this. I am so tired of living in a society where it’s okay to obviously discriminate against people. It hurt this community enough that Prop 8 passed, and now they want to take away more? It’s not fair. And yes, I’ve heard “life’s not fair”. But does that mean we take away people’s rights? Is that fair?

We’ve got a long way to come in this country. Hopefully, one day, people will be able to live with open minds; accepting those around them.


~ by Jennifer on December 20, 2008.

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