Waves of Grain Felted Clutch Pattern

I am currently working on a custom order for a girl who wants 6 of my waves of grain clutches for her bridesmaids for her wedding in october. This pattern has been running around in my head, so I thought I would write it down – for all to enjoy! I don’t have a chart, as this is my first pattern, but the instructions are fairly easy.

Yarn: KnitPicks Telemark

Yardage: about 150 yards

Needle size: US 8

This pattern can be modified in many different ways – you can make it longer or shorter, but just remember the number of stitches must be multiples of 12 plus 6.

CO 66 (or any multiple of 12 plus 6, depending on what size you like)

*The first & last 3 stitches on each row are knitted – I am not writing this on every line, so please remember!*

Row 1: (RS)K

Row 2: P

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for 36 more rows, totaling 38 rows. Then the pattern begins:

Row 39: K

Row 40 (and every other WS row): K3, P, K3

Row 41: K3, [C6F, K6]* repeat until last 3 stitches, K3

Row 43: K

Row 45: K3, [K6, C6B]*repeat until last 3 stitches, K3

Row 47: K

Row 48: K3, P, K3

*Repeat rows 41 – 48 four more times, and losely BO*


*With your leftover yarn, use a large sewing needle, and stitch up the sides so that the waves pattern is in the front*

*Throw it in the washing machine!*

*Pull it out of the machine as soon as possible and shape it to how you would like it to look. Stuff with paper towels or plastic bags to help give the body some shape*

*One of the best parts about felting is that you can just take a pair of scissors and cut off all the loose ends – no weaving in! You can also shape up the top flap, and cut a button hole or two – and the yarn doesn’t unravel!*

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions, find any errors – anything like that! I do ask, however, that you use this pattern only for personal, non-commercial items only.




~ by Jennifer on August 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Waves of Grain Felted Clutch Pattern”

  1. Hi, I just finished knitting your clutch and I’m a bit confused about sewing it (this is my first felted project). Is it supposed to be folded in thirds?

  2. Hi Suzanne – the clutch should be *kinda* folded into thirds. the edge where the pattern ends should be folded so that the entire pattern is completely on the front of the clutch. there should be enough of the stockinette stitch left to make the flap to serve as a closure. i hope this helps! it’s kinda hard to explain, so let me know if you have any other questions!! – Jennifer

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