i never like going this long without updating this guy.

sorry to all my followers (read: mom & dad sadler).

things are coming along quite nicely here. temperatures are starting to drop, knitting is, as always, coming along. i am finishing up my custom order and should be completely done by this weekend, which is awesome. i met with the girl i’m making them for again today, and was just so relieved to find out how much we had in common. we’ve met up once before, but i felt we got to talk more this time. it really is so nice to meet like-minded people. and even more rewarding to create for them.

the job is coming along. it’s definitely been hard to adjust to a full time job again, but it’s been such a rewarding experience so far. i really like everyone i work with (minus a couple of people), which is a definite plus. and not like i just tolerate them, but i actually LIKE them. this is huge for me, considering that jake and i have both decided that about 80% of the world’s population gets on our nerves.

i’ve started working on another blog as well, a more craftier type. i’ll be strictly talking about knitting and crafting, and be featuring other knitters and crafters with the hopes of getting them (and myself) a little more exposure in the world. i’ve been doing it for 2 days, and i’ve got a few people interested in being featured, which is awesome. check it out, if you’d like:


but i promise i won’t forget about you, personal blog. i love you.


~ by Jennifer on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “updatez”

  1. Hello, Jen!
    Happy birthday week! Your blog fans miss you and hope you will post some beautiful fall/snow pics soon.
    With love from your devoted reader,

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